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Classical Guitar MP3 of Ware's Hibiscus on the Water from Forest Scenes

A LA LUZ DE LA LUNA LLENA  (Classical Guitar) Daniel Nightingale
"A La Luz De La Luna Llena by Daniel Nightingale is way more mysterious and ancient in its feel. Feels more like a hike in the Peruvian Andes looking for Inca ruins to uncover the secrets of that high society. " -Alternate Music Press
Emerging slow and mournful, this piece unfolds in a contemporary Spanish language as  golpes and rasguado enhance the drama and spirit.  Edited by  William Ghezzi. The work is recorded on the Acoma CD ANGELICA GXD5735.  NE0267  $4.98   Click and See review.

ANOTHER NEW BEGINNING II (classical guitar) 
Greg Steinke
"The stillness in this piece, its waiting to move DOES suggest a beginning.......light harmonics, falling arpeggios....a hint of a melody that moves forward......very tonal, but unexpected in juxtaposition....a piece to lead you on.....lots of sounds made from parts of the instrument, not the strings. " -Alternate Music Press
Inspired by a poem of the same name by Don Jordan, this fantasia-like  work is in ternary form, alternating  free, un-metered sections of great expressivity with a  lyrical section in triple meter.  Dedicated to the memory of Oskar Schindler and the Schindler Jews, the piece evokes powerful images in sound through contemporary guitar techniques such as multiphonics, string whistles, and golpes in imitation of gun shots. The work is recorded on the Acoma CD ANGELICA GXD5735.  NE640  $4.98   Click and See review.

BALTIMORE SONATA (classical guitar)
  Doug Dawson click to see review
This three movement piece is an appealing addition to the classical guitar repertory, bringing popular jazz progressions and rhythms together with a wonderful conception of melody and form. The work is recorded on the Acoma CD ANGELICA GXD5735.  NE033X  $12.98  Click and See review.

THE BLUE GUITAR (Classical Guitar) 
William Roberts
"In The Blue Guitar, a suite of six brief pieces by William Roberts, each section is sharply characterized and has plenty of rhythmic bite." -Winnipeg Free Press
With a program inspired by David Hockney's etchings, this collection of Satiesque miniatures draws influence from popular music.  It is ideal for beginning students.   It is recorded on the Acoma CD MANY MOODS OF THE GUITAR GXD5732.  AE969 $7.98  Click and See review.

DRONE (Classical Guitar)   Richard Smoot
Derived from the third movement of Smoot's Chamber Concerto for Guitar, this flashy show piece is rhythmically driving and influenced by flamenco guitar styles. It is recorded on the Acoma CD FOREST SCENES AcomaGXD5734.  AE0216  $3.98

ELEGY & TOTENTANZ (Classical Guitar)   Peter Ware   Order score from
Free Classical Guitar MP3 excerpt of  Peter Ware's Totentanz
"Ware offers melodic content that is quite strong, Totentanz a fascinating score with a motoric rhythm that drives the work forward." -Fanfare
After a slow choral introduction, the Elegy unfolds with a dark melody in the bass which suggests a sacred quality similar to Gregorian chant.    In triple meter, the Totentanz is spun out of  a perky repeated-note motive which pervades the piece.  A motor rhythm sustains the energy until its majestic ending. The work is recorded on the Acoma CD ANGELICA GXD5735.  AE0437  $4.98    Click and See review.  Download Adobe Acrobat excerpt of Elegy & Totentanz (324K)
  Free Classical Guitar MP3 of  Peter Ware's Totentanz!  

En suite (
Classical Guitar)  Denis Dion
En suite est née d'un simple plaisir d'écrire pour cet instrument. La musique est parfois à l'image de rythmes dansants et par moments mélancolique. Elle met en relief une série de courtes sections liées soit par des éléments thématiques ou rythmiques. En suite was written for the pleasure of writing for this instrument. Some parts were inspired from rhythmical elements and others tried to depict insights through melancoly and long linear phrase. The music is unyfied through the use of either thematic material or rhythmic figures. AE081X $7.98

FANTASY-RICERCARE AND DANCE  (Classical Guitar) Lynn Harting-Ware
"The music itself is elegant stuff. It is written in two voices throughout. The fingerings are sparse but adequate, and the printing is clear and spacious so that reading this is a delight." -J. Mayes, Soundboard
This suite is a delightful pastiche of the Renaissance style.  The free and whimsical Fantasy leads to the imitative Ricercare.  Light and lively, the Dance is a rondo in triple meter of charming character.  It is recorded on the Acoma CD MANY MOODS OF THE GUITAR GXD5732.  AE217 $6.98 Click and See review.

Five Studies for Solo Guitar
  William Ghezzi
These studies are for intermediate level students. Each study is designed to develop fundamental skills in a pleasant musical setting. AE0895 $9.98

Folksong Suite (classical guitar)  Doug Dawson
Free MP3 excerpt of Doug Dawson's Folksong Suite: Danny  Boy from the CD Americus
Folksong Suite by Doug Dawson was commissioned by Lynn Harting-Ware, reflecting her interest and love of folksongs. It contains the Irish air, “Danny Boy”,  the melody of "Aura Lee", written by George R. Poulton (1861), (American Civil War, Elvis Presley made this tune famous to the words "Love me Tender"), "Loch Lamond" of Scottish origin, and "Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair" is a Celtic love song, which originated in the British Isles.  She asked the composer to present these melodies in the simple, unpretentious form of a suite, with his characteristically rich, jazz harmonic palette. Each one is a gem.  Folksong Suite is recorded on the Acoma CD AMERICAS  AcomaGXD5736  ISBN: 1-55189-113-1  AE1131  $4.98

FOREST SCENES (Classical Guitar)  Peter Ware Order score from Amazon.Com    Click and See reviews
"Before starting to play this interesting and creative work, it is good to read the poem "Hibiscus by Piscataway," written by the composer's mother and printed in the edition. This can be a nice, inspirational introduction to this striking collection of four programmatic pieces, in which guitar techniques are truly used in an evocative sense."   
-Uros Dojcinovic, Soundboard

Free Classical Guitar MP3 excerpt of Ware's Blues from Forest Scenes
Free Classical Guitar MP3 excerpt of Ware's Hibiscus on the Water from Forest Scenes

Free classical Guitar MP3 excerpt of Ware's Wind Dance from Forest Scenes
This  striking collection of four programmatic works utilizes guitar techniques in a truly evocative sense.  North Face depicts the dramatic Rocky Mountains of Banff with brushed strums, snap pizzicato, and tremolo.  Hibiscus on the Water, in a fantasy variation form, captures the scenic landscape along the Piscataway river with flowing lyrical melodies and an undulating accompaniment.  Woodchuck Blues, a playful work, draws from blues and jazz styles, employing syncopated rhythms, hemiola, blue notes and pizzicato.  In D tuning, damped open basses provide an ostinato.  The presto Wind Dance closes the Forest Scenes with rocking chords and stinging snap pizzicati. Clearly notated and edited. The work  is recorded on the Acoma CD FOREST SCENES AcomaGXD5734 and Wind Dance is recorded on the CD entitled Americas (Acoma GXD5736).  8 p. AE0577 $8.98  Click and See review.  Download Adobe Acrobat  excerpt of  Forest Scenes:   Woodchuck Blues (190K)     Hibiscus on the Water (169K) 

FOUR STUDIES FOR GUITAR   (classical guitar)  Jerry Owen
Exploring new sound possibilities for the classical guitar, the first study, Motion, incorporates the use of a pick through a maze of contrasting accents and figures which are spun out in heated velocity.  Following, the Romance takes shape as a nostalgic ballad; while the Scherzo presents a mixed meter toccata, employing sponge mute evocative of the lute stop on the harpsichord.  The final study, Dance Sequence, is a rondo in which glissandi convey a delightful sense of humor.  This attractive collection is edited and recorded by Cynthia Egger.  AE160  $19.98

FOUR VIGNETTES (classical guitar)  Aris Carastathis 
This set of concise miniatures serves as an introduction to the non-tonal idiom.  Opening with a mood setting prelude, the second vignette features a dance-like symmetrical rhythm while the third explores ornamentation and the fourth provides a gentle conclusion. The Four Vignettes are recorded on the Acoma CD AMERICAS  AcomaGXD5736. NE0348  $3.98

GOLDBERG VARIATIONS (classical guitar)  (
Selections.  Arr. L. Harting-Ware)  J.S. Bach  Free Classical Guitar MP3 of Bach's Goldberg Variations: Aria excerpt from the CD Forest Scenes CD
"Particularly interesting is Harting-Ware's arrangement of Bach's Goldberg Variations. Granted, she gives us only 10 of the 30 variations and has only six strings at her disposal, but it is nonetheless fascinating to hear how adaptable contrapuntal music is to a change of instruments." -William Littler, The Toronto Star.
These arrangements represent an interest in Bach's celebrated Goldberg Variations.  My inspiration began with Glenn Gould's 1981 recording; and with the desire to internalize the magic of the Aria, I began arranging it for guitar.  This naturally lead to the recognition of other select variations in which  I have endeavored to preserve the spirit and integrity of Bach's work. It is recorded on the Acoma CD FOREST SCENES AcomaGXD5734.  AE616  $19.98  

HEBRAIC CONTRASTS (classical guitar)    Robert Rollin
A four-movement work which makes use of Hebraic melodies in a contemporary language.  Included is the Hassidic Dance, a playful setting of a folk-song traditionally sung at Jewish weddings asking all to put past differences aside and join in friendship.  The biting harmonies humorously symbolize conflict while interacting with the folksong theme.  It is recorded on the Acoma CD FOREST SCENES AcomaGXD5734.     NE772 $7.98

KINDERSZENEN (classical guitar)  (Selections. Arr. L. Harting-Ware)  Robert Schumann
These six arrangements from Schumann's collection are introspective in character and their expressive subtleties emerge from a simplicity of form.  Titles suggest extra-musical and poetic connotations: Dreaming, From Foreign Lands, The Poet Speaks, Frightening, Entreating Child, and Curious Story.   They are recorded on the Acoma CD GXD5732.  AE799 $7.98

(classical guitar)  Stephen Elderkin
"Stephen Elderkin has written a little 'gem' of a new age sounding piece. The guitar sounds like a 20th-century instrument without any hint of dissonance. . .this is very accessible music- both for performer and listener; there is variety of sound and it is easy to play." -J. Mayes, Soundboard
This work is shimmering and mirage-like in its subtle expression evoking a Spanish mood.  In D tuning, idiomatically composed and neatly edited, it makes a great opening piece.  This score is recorded on the Acoma CD GXD5732.  AE764 $3.98

Richard J. Smoot
This work displays exquisite, idiomatic writing in an attractive harmonic language.  Musically challenging, it presents ample opportunity for expressive tone and virtuoso playing.  It is recorded on the Acoma CD GXD5732.  AE810 $4.98

NAKINA SUITE (classical guitar)  Peter Ware  
MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's Nakina 1st Movement on the CD The Many Moods of the Guitar
excerpt of Peter Ware's Nakina 2nd Movement on the CD The Many Moods of the Guitar

MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's Barcarole from Nakina on the CD The Many Moods of the Guitar
"This is a sonata-length, four-movement work with the first three movements calling for a scordatura (the low E and A strings each lowered a half-step). The movement scheme is traditional, but the altered tuning gives the piece an exotic flavor. The texture is mostly two-part, and the writing works well, as the composer obviously understands the guitar well. This is a dramatic, lyrical work; the third movement contains some particularly nice passages." -J. Reid, Soundboard. 
Free sample score of Nakina (141K) 
Nakina Suite is a large four movement work with a lyrical guise and strong blues influence. The Barcarole unfolds with an oriental quality. The Sonata has unusual scordatura with the lower two strings tuned down a semitone to A-flat and E -flat. This edition includes both a concert pitch score and a transposed score. In the transposed score all notes played on the 5th and 6th strings are written a semitone higher. Commissioned with a grant from the Ontario Arts Council, the work is recorded on the CD MANY MOODS OF THE GUITAR AcomaGXD5732.  22p AE1050  $12.98

PAr à maître (classical guitar) Denis Dion
Par à maître a été écrit à la demande du Concours de musique du Canada dans le cadre de sa compétition annuelle sous le volet guitare. Elle propose, en son titre un jeu voulant faire ressortir les caractéristiques de l'instrument tant par ses couleurs que par sa technique. Par à maître was commissionned by Concours de musique du Canada and was played during its annual competition by guitarists who were selected to final step. The music whishes to depict some idiomatic elements relevant to its nature and color. AE0798 $6.98

PHANTASIA (classical guitar)  Clifford Crawley 
From the mysterious opening, through passages majestic and haunting, this enchanting, episodic work proceeds with a Spanish flavour.  It is recorded on the Acoma CD  AMERICAS  AcomaGXD5736 NE438 $4.98
"With Clifford Crawley's engaging Phantasia we venture into a sort of atonalised Hispanicism.” - Allan Clive Jones, Classical Guitar

REVERIE AND MARCH (classical guitar)  Lynn Harting-Ware
In this through-composed Reverie, the Dies irae theme is veiled in the bass, casting a somber shadow over the upper voice.  The March, in ternary form, features a march-like melody accompanied with free counterpoint and a contrasting section, motivic and rhythmic.  They are recorded on the Acoma CD FOREST SCENES AcomaGXD5734.  AE489 $4.98

RIVER SKY (classical guitar)  Kathy Henkel
"Kathy Henkel's River Sky, is a gentle and evocative work inspired by Ms Harting-Ware's poem of the same name." -Classical Guitar.  
River Sky was Inspired by a poem of the same title, River Sky by Lynn Harting-Ware. This sparkling work has a charming clarity and freshness of form and style.  It is recorded on the Acoma CD MANY MOODS OF THE GUITAR AcomaGXD5732.  AE845 $5.98

SONARE (classical guitar)  Richard J. Smoot
"Sonare is a 110-measure, intermediate level guitar solo. It is full of meter changes and employs modern harmonic language in a very pleasant manner. Sonare falls comfortably under the left hand with no difficult extensions. Alternating Largo and Moderato sections, this is a very relaxing piece to play. Modern yet tame, alot of players will enjoy this piece." -R. Turner, Soundboard
This flashy, Spanish rhapsody alternates sections of driving character with lyrical passages and is a joy to play.   It is recorded on the Acoma CD MANY MOODS OF THE GUITAR AcomaGXD5732 and neatly edited.  AE888 $4.98

Suite No. 6 in D major (Arr. W. Ghezzi) J.S. Bach
This arrangement of Bach's Suite is very close to his original version for cello. Ghezzi’s intention is to give guitarists an opportunity to focus more on phrasing and color. Without added bass notes or harmonic fillers, this pure approach presents the music in a context that is accessible to intermediate level players. AE0828 $19.98

THREE FOR GUITAR  (classical guitar)  Bruce Bielawa
Inspired by the magical timbres of the guitar, this three-movement piece is constructed from musical motives that invade and interrupt each other throughout the work. While the first movement is meditative in character, the second is declamatory and the third is driving.  Edited by Daniel Worley. The work is recorded on the Acoma CD ANGELICA AcomaGXD5735.  NE0232  $10.98

THREE SILHOUETTES (classical guitar)  David S. Bernstein
"The clarity of style, combined with a detailed set of fingering of high quality, produce a work that is asignificant addition to the contemporary repertoire available to performers. The work is idiomatic to well trained hands and is musically challenging." -American String Teacher.
In a striking contemporary language, this three-movement work, is idiomatic to well-trained hands and is musically exciting and challenging.  The first movement draws on syncopated, jazz rhythms.  The score is meticulously notated by the composer and exquisitely edited by Stephen Aron.  NE90X  $12.98

A VORTEX OF URGENT WINDS (classical guitar)  Greg Steinke
Described as "image music" by the composer, this piece explores Native American music in its use of spirited rasgueado.  It is loosely based on a poetic  narrative by K'os Naahaabii.  NE0410  $6.98

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