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MP3 of Peter Ware's Hibiscus on the Water excerpt from Forest Scenes CD
Inspired by the poem Hibiscus by Piscataway by Agnes Ware

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"Before starting to play this interesting and creative work, it is good to read the poem "Hibiscus by Piscataway," written by the composer mother and printed in the edition. This can be a nice, inspirational introduction to this striking collection of four programmatic pieces, in which guitar techniques are truly used in an evocative sense."
-Uros Dojcinovic, Soundboard


Beautiful and brief
Is your blooming above
Our late summer leaf . . .

Sudden as descent of
White startled dove
Your wonder was sent . . .

At dawn you were not seen
Now you're splashed on marsh
Where only green has been . . .

Are you butterflies
Immobilized in flight
Drifting from our skies . . .

Frail as paper boat
Are you musical notes
Dropped on creek to float . . .

Are you pastel dreams
And is our colored marsh
Not the grass it seems . . .

Soon you're borne away
Reflected in streams
Of our Piscataway . . .

Beautiful and brief
Is your stay above
The late summer leaf . . .
- A. Ware

Free Piano MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's The Hibiscus on the Water for solo piano performed by Yvar Mikashoff
Free score sample of Hibiscus on the Water by Peter Ware

Link to the scores:
Hibiscus on the Water for guitar by Peter Ware
Hibiscus on the Water
for piano by Peter Ware

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