Many Moods of the Guitar Poetry
Lynn Harting-Ware, Classical Guitar

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"One of Canada's most accomplished and sensitive classical guitarists is strong proof that creativity remains one of our prime renewable resources."
- Pauline Durichen, Kitchener-Waterloo Record


Sun sky, river sky gold
floats on a barge
down the Rappahannock
soul searching the deep.
Waves, restlessly chanting
stories at high tide,
leave quiet thoughts behind
on the shoreline, the walkline.

As blue crabs
crawl sideways from streams
into bountiful nets
of fishermen's dreams,
a bald eagle 
searches the sand
for a morsel of shad or striped bass,
then seizes it with elegant command.

At dusk, dark clouds
unfold on the horizon,
graceful and ragged
like a western mountain range
while silhouettes of trees
stand in relief
against the meditative sky,
offering a south wind exchange.

From misty brush,
crickets converse
in chirping haiku.
As waves crescendo and fade,
the beckoning moonlight
begins its nocturnal search
illuminating the river's
continuous crusade.

Night sky, river sky black
floats silently
down the Rappahannock
soul searching the deep.
As the beauty of day
turns to starlight,
lulling salty limbs
undertow, we sleep.
       - L.H. Ware

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