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Institutional Orders:
US Library Jobber
Attention: Christine Clark
Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc.
16122 Cohasset St
Van Nuys, CA  91406 USA
Phone: 818-994-1902
Fax: 818-994-0419

Canadian Library Jobber
John Coutts Library Services Ltd.

Department 920723-6900 Kinsmen Court/P.O. Box 1000
Niagara Falls, ON CANADA L2E 7E7
Phone: 800-263-1686
Fax: 905-356-5064

US Distributor CDs:
Select Scores on
Peter Ware's Elegy and Totentanz for solo Guitar
Peter Ware's Forest Scenes for solo Guitar

Acoma Company
4350 Steeles Avenue East Box 94 Markham , ON CANADA L3R 9V4

Phone (416) 494-1933
Fax (416) 494-8377
Purchase Orders accepted from Libraries and institutions.

Score Orders:
Shipping Charges for scores U.S. and Canada:
$4.50 for 1st score, then 2.75 each additional score
International: $8.50 for 1st score, then 3.75 each additional score
All score prices listed in US funds, except where indicated.

Textbook Orders:
Textbooks are priced in Canadian funds. 
Shipping and handling charges for textbooks shipped to Ontario and Quebec is 10.50 1st book, $5.50 each additional book plus GST on shipping and textbook.  Other provinces the shipping and handling charges are 15.00 1st book, $7.50 each additional book plus GST or HST on shipping and textbook.  
US Orders shipping is $17.00 for 1st book, then $7.50 each additional book.
International orders 18.50 first textbook, 14.50 each additional textbook.
1. Request an invoice
2. Pay by PayPal or Send invoice with check or money order to Acoma Company in Canadian Funds.

Rental Fees:
$10.00 per minute of music, minimum rental fee $100.
Shipping on parts: $35-50.

Mail order forms for Acoma Company:
Add 5% GST within Canada.
Click here for Institutional orders
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Right click and select "save target as" 

Download: US & International order form for scores from the Americas CD
Download: US & International order form for scores from the Angelica CD
Download: US & International order form for scores from the Forest Scenes CD
US & International order form for scores from the Many Moods of the Guitar CD

Download: US and International  Order Form
Download: Canadian Order Form

Download Free Adobe Acrobat Reader  
for automatic calculations of Acoma Order Forms from

Download free Adobe Acrobat Reader

CDs and Select Scores may be ordered with Visa or MasterCard from:
Canadian Music Centre
Chalmers House
20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, ON M4Y 1J9
TEL (416) 961-6601
FAX (416 ) 961-7198

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