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Free violin and guitar MP3 excerpt of Ware's Chama for violin and guitar from the CD Americas
Free Classical Guitar MP3 of Peter Ware's Woodchuck Blues excerpt from Forest Scenes CD

Critical Acclaim Classical Guitar Works:

"A La Luz De La Luna Llena by Daniel Nightingale is way more mysterious and ancient in its feel. Feels more like a hike in the Peruvian Andes looking for Inca ruins to uncover the secrets of that high society. " -Alternate Music Press

"The stillness in this piece, its waiting to move DOES suggest a beginning.......light harmonics, falling arpeggios....a hint of a melody that moves forward......very tonal, but unexpected in juxtaposition....a piece to lead you on.....lots of sounds made from parts of the instrument, not the strings. " -Alternate Music Press

"Baltimore Sonata by Doug Dawson is lovely and to be counted as a bridge between "old time art music" and turn of the century experiments. This is simply a lovely piece of music one would love to have played at your table in a fine restaurant....or on the concert stage. A Blues is in the second movement and everything in this piece screams AMERICAN!" -Alternate Music Press

"In The Blue Guitar, a suite of six brief pieces by William Roberts, each section is sharply characterized and has plenty of rhythmic bite." -Winnipeg Free Press

" of the most compelling things I have heard in years for flute and guitar.  . . . there is this same free exchange of tensions- moving from the calm to the very tense.  Musical ideas are worked out in a very evocative way.  Played properly this music will dazzle an audience and thrill the players." -
J. Bent, -Soundboard "
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Free MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's Chama from the CD Americas! 
Recorded on the CD AMERICAS GXD5736.

"It's baroque brevity belies the richness of the music which has a cool oriental palette of Japanese scales and motifs giving the piece a broad vision that is often evocative. As a composer / guitarist, Smoot knows the subtle modulations that suit his instrument and there are hints of Villa-Lobos in some of the thematic treatments. The third movement, with its pounding march-like theme is a fitting conclusion to a compact and lively concerto." -Tim Panting, -Classical Guitar Magazine

"Well, if you love "classical" guitar...I advise you to go out and get it with its new music by Peter Ware with "ELEGY & TOTENTANZ". This piece starts with strummed chords that Sor would have cringed at, but sound, to my ear, very interesting and make me want more. Lots of lead playing with chords to punctuate the motion. Nothing here that would irritate anyone, you CAN have a conversation while its playing....but I'd advise you actually listen. Ware takes Harting - Ware on some adventures that don't resolve quite the way you expect, but work wholeheartedly."   -Alternate Music Press
Free Classical Guitar MP3 excerpt of  Peter Ware's Totentanz
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"Born at Richmond, Virginia, in 1951, Ware offers melodic content that is quite strong,
Totentanz a fascinating score with a motoric rhythm that drives the work forward. Equally appealing are the highly descriptive pieces that form Forest Scenes, the section,  Woodchuck Blues, being a wonderful, tongue-in-cheek look at a lazy blues."
  -David Denton,  Fanfare
Free Classical Guitar MP3 of Peter Ware's Woodchuck Blues excerpt from Forest Scenes CD
Free classical Guitar MP3 file of Ware's Wind Dance from Forest Scenes
 From the CD Forest Scenes GXD5734

"Before starting to play this interesting and creative work, it is good to read the poem "Hibiscus by Piscataway," written by the composer's mother and printed in the edition. This can be a nice, inspirational introduction to this striking collection of four programmatic pieces, in which guitar techniques are truly used in an evocative sense.                       

This attractive work can be heard on a CD of the same name (Acoma GXD-5734), played by the editor, so we can recommend listening. It demands a high technical level, and includes "rasgueado suave" (brushing the strings), "Bartok" pizzicati, tremolo, different ornaments, and many other effects and articulations. Good and precise editing (especially left-hand fingerings) facilitates the work."  -Uros Dojcinovic, Soundboard  
Free Classical Guitar MP3 of Ware's Hibiscus on the Water from Forest Scenes
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"The music itself is elegant stuff.  It is written in two voices throughout.  The fingerings are sparse but adequate, and the printing is clear and spacious so that reading this is a delight."   -J. Mayes, Soundboard

"Stephen Elderkin has written a little 'gem' of a new age sounding piece.  The guitar sounds like a 20th-century instrument without any hint of dissonance.
. . .this is very accessible music- both for performer and listener; there is variety of sound and it is easy to play."   -J. Mayes, Soundboard

"Peter Ware's Nakina is a probing, introspective work imbued with elements of jazz and blues."   -Classical Music

  "This is a sonata-length, four-movement work with the first three movements calling for a scordatura (the low E and A strings each lowered a half-step).  The movement scheme is traditional, but the altered tuning gives the piece an exotic flavor.  The texture is mostly two-part, and the writing works well, as the composer obviously understands the guitar well.  This is a dramatic, lyrical work; the third movement contains some particularly nice passages."  - J.  Reid, Soundboard
Click to play Free Classical Guitar MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's Bacarole from Nakina on the CD The Many Moods of the Guitar
From the CD Many Moods of the Guitar GXD5732

"Kathy Henkel's River Sky, is a gentle and evocative work inspired by Ms Harting-Ware's poem of the same name."  -Classical Guitar

"Sonare is a 110-measure, intermediate level guitar solo.  It is full of meter changes and employs modern harmonic language in a very pleasant manner.  Sonare falls comfortably under the left hand with no difficult extensions.  Alternating Largo and Moderato sections, this is a very relaxing piece to play.  Modern yet tame, a lot of players will enjoy this piece."  -R. Turner, Soundboard

"The clarity of style, combined with a detailed set of fingering of high quality, produce a work that is a significant addition to the contemporary repertoire available to performers.  The work is idiomatic to well trained hands and is musically challenging."  -American String Teacher

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