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"Equally appealing are the three highly descriptive pieces that form Peter Ware's 'Forest Scenes', the final section, Woodchuck Blues, being a wonderful, tongue-in-cheek look at a lazy blues." -Fanfare
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AMERICAN VARIATIONS  (Violin and Guitar) Robert Rollin.
This five-movement work explores popular American jazz idioms in a fresh modern language.  Syncopated rhythms abound in the three movements entitled Blues, Rock and Bebop, while the inner movements are more contemplative melodies drawn from the Zuni Indians of New Mexico. The work is recorded on the Acoma
CD AMERICAS GXD5736. NE470  Score & Part $21.98
Real Audio sample of Rollin's American Variations are at

ANDANTE  (Ob. or Fl. or Vln & Gtr / Ob. d'amore or Cl. in A & Gtr)  J.S. Bach
Originally for harpsichord, this andante from the Italian Concerto features one of Bach's loveliest melodies.  Transcribed and edited by Greg Steinke.  Ob., Fl., Vln & Gtr NE0283; Ob. d'amore, Cl. in A & Gtr NE0305  $4.98

CHAMA "THE EAGLE AND THE PLUMED SERPENT" (Violin and Guitar or Flute and Guitar) Peter Ware
(Violin and Guitar or Flute and Guitar) Peter Ware
Hear an MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's Chama from the CD Americas! 
"Its slow unfolding course, in predominantly long violin phrases, has a cobra-like power to hypnotise."   - Allan Clive Jones, Classical Guitar
" of the most compelling things I have heard in years for flute & guitar. . . there is this same free exchange of tensions- moving from the calm to the very tense. Musical ideas are worked out in a very evocative way. Played properly this music will dazzle an audience and thrill the players."
-J. Bent, Soundboard

This evocative work was inspired by the writings of Carlos Castaneda.  In a variation form, it opens and closes with an extensive violin/flute solo of meditative character.  Exotic scales along with portamento convey a primitive, near eastern quality.  It was commissioned with a Consortium Commission Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. 
The work is recorded on the Acoma CD AMERICAS GXD5736. Vln & Gtr AE56X;  Fl. & Gtr AE357  Score & Part $15.98  Click and See reviews.  

DANCE SUITE  (2 Guitars)  Srul Irving Glick
A three-movement work, the Asymmetric Dance opens with alternating duple and triple rhythms evoking a syncopated and jazzy feeling.  Love Dance follows slow and impassioned, expressing the yearnings of love.  Circle Dance concludes as an aggressive stamping dance of great energy and exuberance.  This work was commissioned with a grant from the Ontario Arts Council.  FE942 Score & Parts $27.98

DELICATE BALANCES  (Flute and Guitar)  Stephen Gryc
Referring to the light, fleeting tones and timbres produced by both instruments, this three movement duet opens with a Rhapsody of intense lyricism.  The second movement, entitled Harmonics epitomizes the works delicate nature as flute and guitar explore a single melodic idea.  Closing is the Ostinati, which grows out of an extensive guitar solo and then becomes accompaniment to the flute's longer lines.  Edited and recorded by Richard Provost.  Score & Part  NE0208  $19.98

(Fl. & Gtr) James Lentini
This duet abounds in brilliant scales, lyrical melodies and rhythmic intensity as the two instruments interchange the two main themes in dialog and solo passages. The harmonic language incorporates modality and extended third sonorities.  NE0380  $10.98

An intimate setting of Chinese poetry translated into English, these pieces are simply set as gems of human emotion.  Edited by David Moak.  Book I, AE0364  $11.98;  Book II, AE0372  $9.98 

MESHQUANOWAT (Fl. & Gtr)  Jerry Owen
Fluid and unhurried, this plaintive meditation weaves pure lyric poetry.  Score & Part AE0445 $17.98

QUARTET FOR GUITARS  (4 Gtrs)  Walter Hartley
In four movements, this quartet is of classic form with contrasting tempi.  Basically tonal and largely polyphonic in content, there are suggestions of Spanish flavoring.  Recorded by the Buffalo Guitar Quartet on New World Records.  Score & Parts  NE0240  $53.98

SPANISH SERENADE  (Violin and Guitar or Flute and Guitar)         Edward Arteaga
This short, spirited piece progresses in an accessible style with a Spanish flavour.  Multiple tempos employ much tempo rubato, requiring accomplished ensemble playing.  NE934 Score & Part $9.98

STEPPING INWARD (Ob., Eng. Hn, Vla, Mandolin,
Gtr, Hp)    Diane Thome
Written in a realm of quiet musical gestures and subtle shifting colors and textures, this work evolves from and reflects progressive levels of inner reflection.  Score & Parts  AE0356  $55.98

TWO SACRED SONGS (Bar. & Gtr)  Walter Hartley
With text by the English poet Robert Bridges, these two songs are simple, direct and tonal with some imitative counterpoint.  NE0259  $12.98

THE UNHEARD VOICE  (Violin and Guitar)  Alan Green
An expressionistic duet with multiple tempos, this dramatic piece contrasts rhythmic sections with plaintive, lyrical sections.  AE993 Score & Part $16.98

WAR CRIES (Sop. & Gtr)    Daniel Nightingale
These two songs are emotive with a Spanish melancholy character. The first is a setting of Herman Melville's poem "Shiloh", while the second  sets the "Elegy" by Bruce Weigl.  Edited by William Ghezzi.  NE0275  $8.98

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