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Classical Guitar MP3 of Dowland's Fantasia excerpt from Americas

CHAMA "THE EAGLE AND THE PLUMED SERPENT" (Violin and Guitar or Flute and Guitar) Peter Ware
Free violin and guitar MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's Chama from the CD Americas! 
"Its slow unfolding course, in predominantly long violin phrases, has a cobra-like power to hypnotise."   - Allan Clive Jones, Classical Guitar
" of the most compelling things I have heard in years for flute & guitar. . . there is this same free exchange of tensions- moving from the calm to the very tense. Musical ideas are worked out in a very evocative way. Played properly this music will dazzle an audience and thrill the players."
-J. Bent, Soundboard

This evocative work was inspired by the writings of Carlos Castaneda.  In a variation form, it opens and closes with an extensive violin/flute solo of meditative character.  Exotic scales along with portamento convey a primitive, near eastern quality.  It was commissioned with a Consortium Commission Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. 
The work is recorded on the Acoma
CD AMERICAS GXD5736. Vln & Gtr AE56X;  Fl. & Gtr AE357  Score & Part $15.98  Click and See reviews.

ELEGY & TOTENTANZ (Classical Guitar)   Peter Ware  
Free Classical Guitar MP3 of  Peter Ware's Totentanz
"Ware offers melodic content that is quite strong, Totentanz a fascinating score with a motoric rhythm that drives the work forward." -Fanfare
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After a slow choral introduction, the Elegy unfolds with a dark melody in the bass which suggests a sacred quality similar to Gregorian chant.    In triple meter, the Totentanz is spun out of  a perky repeated-note motive which pervades the piece.  A motor rhythm sustains the energy until its majestic ending. The work is recorded on the Acoma CD ANGELICA GXD5735.  AE0437  $4.98    Click and See review.
Download Adobe Acrobat  3 excerpt of   Elegy & Totentanz (324K)
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FOREST SCENES (Classical Guitar)  Peter Ware 
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"Before starting to play this interesting and creative work, it is good to read the poem "Hibiscus by Piscataway," written by the composer's mother and printed in the edition. This can be a nice, inspirational introduction to this striking collection of four programmatic pieces, in which guitar techniques are truly used in an evocative sense."   
-Uros Dojcinovic, Soundboard 
Free Classical Guitar MP3 of Ware's Hibiscus on the Water from Forest Scenes
Free Classical Guitar MP3 of Peter Ware's Woodchuck Blues excerpt from Forest Scenes CD
Free classical Guitar MP3 file of Ware's Wind Dance from Forest Scenes

This  striking collection of four programmatic works utilizes guitar techniques in a truly evocative sense.  North Face depicts the dramatic Rocky Mountains of Banff with brushed strums, snap pizzicato, and tremolo.  Hibiscus on the Water, in a fantasy variation form, captures the scenic landscape along the Piscataway river with flowing lyrical melodies and an undulating accompaniment.  Woodchuck Blues, a playful work, draws from blues and jazz styles, employing syncopated rhythms, hemiola, blue notes and pizzicato.  In D tuning, damped open basses provide an ostinato.  The presto Wind Dance closes the Forest Scenes with rocking chords and stinging snap pizzicati. Clearly notated and edited. The work  is recorded on the Acoma CD FOREST SCENES AcomaGXD5734 and Wind Dance is recorded on the CD entitled Americas (Acoma GXD5736).  8 p. AE0577 $10.98  Click and See reviews.   Download Adobe Acrobat score excerpt of  Forest Scenes:   Woodchuck Blues (190K)     Hibiscus on the Water (169K)

THE HIBISCUS ON THE WATER  Piano  6'  Peter Ware  
Free Piano MP3 excerpt of The Hibiscus on the Water for solo piano performed by Yvar Mikashoff
Free score sample of Hibiscus on the Water
Inspired by the delicate flowers that grow so plentifully along the riverbanks of the Piscataway creek in Virginia as illustrated by the poem Hibiscus by Piscataway by Agnes Ware.  This fantasy variation flows simply and unpretentiously with a lyrical melody and undulating accompaniment.  The Hibiscus on the Water is published in the Conservatory of Canada's New Millennium Series. It is part of the grade nine piano requirements and is published in the Grade Nine New Millennium Piano Series by Waterloo Music. Score edited by the composer 5 p. AE1018  $5.98

KABAH  Vln (4), Vla (2), Vlc. (2)  35'  Peter Ware 
Free string octet MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's Kabah 1st movement

Free string octet MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's Kabah 2st movement

Free string octet MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's Kabah 3rd movement
KABAH: "An exotically evocative piece, describing the atmosphere and spirit of the place with eerie harmonics, long-held notes and often sparse harmonies conveying a sense of vast emptiness and antiquity." -The Washington Post "Kabah, inspired by a Mayan ruin in Mexico's Yucatan peninsular, is a forceful and intense piece that yields little to the narrative style." -Tim Panting, Classical Guitar magazine
Named after a Mayan ruin in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, this three movement Octet is fashioned in a fast-slow-fast arrangement.  The outer movements are lively and rhythmically active with a compelling character, while the Andante proceeds with a ceremonious beauty.  The work is recorded on the Acoma CD GXD5733. 55 p.  Score AE918s $55.98,  Score & Parts  AE918  $157.98
  Kabah Score Excerpt (596K)

KLUANE  Cello.  22'  Peter Ware MP3 Excerpt of 2nd Movement
This four movement suite is a virtuoso showpiece, featuring idiomatic string writing with extensive use of double stops, melodies accompanied by pizzicato, tremolos and harmonics.  Opening is the evocative and highly dramatic North Face, followed by the jazz inspired Blues with syncopated rhythms, hemiola and blue notes.  Dark Winter Waltz then opens solemnly, progressing to a slow waltz in the cello's lower register.  Wind Dance, marked prestissimo, is a furious, fluttering tremolo study.  12p.  Cello  AE1581  $13.98

LIBERA ME DOMINE  for Two Saxophonists and Three Percussionists 15'  Peter Ware
Free MP3 of Peter Ware's Libera me Domine first movement excerpt

Free MP3 of Peter Ware's Libera me Domine second movement excerpt

Free MP3 of Peter Ware's Libera me Domine third movement excerpt
"Ware's textures are carefully calculated. Fragments of saxophone licks and jazz-like scales disappear into distant clouds of vibraphone trills, only to rematerialize and glide back." - The Cincinnati Enquirer
A fantasy-variation based on the Latin responsorial of the burial service, the work was written to commemorate the musicians who died in the 1977 Beverly Hills Supper Club fire.  Opening with a canon between the bongos and timbales, the chant is rhythmitized to the non-pitch percussion as the saxophones interact with jazz licks and syncopations which transform the chant.  The second Lagriomoso section is a lament for two soprano saxophones and trap set; the closing Lento  employs  two alto saxophones, cymbals, vibraphones, tam tams, celesta and button gong in extensive imitation.  27 p. Score & Parts  AE551  $49.98

LONDON PIANO TRIO  violin, Cello, Piano  22'  Peter Ware
Click for Free MP3 excerpt of the first movement of the London Piano Trio  
Click for Free MP3 excerpt of the second movement of the London Piano Trio
Click for Free MP3 excerpt of the third movement of the London Piano Trio 
Click for Free MP3 excerpt of the forth movement of the London Piano Trio 
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London Piano Trio Score Excerpt in Adobe Acrobat (515K) 
The first movement uses multiple tempos and opens with a violin and piano duet. When the cello enters, much dialogue and jest ensues. The harmonic and melodic material is derived from the symmetrical chords of the violin and piano duet. This material is transformed and developed, at times humorously, throughout the movement. The second movement is an Elegy, with plaintive sigh motives, tremolos and grace notes to nothing. It is fluid and unhurried, weaving pure lyric poetry. The Totentanz follows with the cello starting the playful and sinister dance of death. The last movement Presto appassionata is dramatic and driving, commencing with an angular cello solo. After the piano enters, the muted violin is heard in exchange with the muted cello. The driving tempo proceeds with syncopated interjections. Later, the unflagging pulse halts in a jagged violin interlude, which matches the opening cello solo in character and wit. This Andante espressivo section is followed by an animated Prestissimo. A short Adagio is inserted before the final rush to a terse closing theme in triple octaves.     Score 47 p. AE381 $47.98.  Violin part AEVl381 $10.98. Cello part AEVC381 $10.98

NAKINA (classical guitar)  Peter Ware 
MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's Nakina 1st Movement on the CD The Many Moods of the Guitar
excerpt of Peter Ware's Nakina 2nd Movement on the CD The Many Moods of the Guitar

MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's Barcarole from Nakina on the CD The Many Moods of the Guitar
"Peter Ware's Nakina is a probing, introspective work imbued with elements of jazz and blues." -Classical Music
Free sample score of Nakina (141K) 
Nakina Suite is a large four movement work with a lyrical guise and strong blues influence. The Barcarole unfolds with an oriental quality. The Sonata has unusual scordatura with the lower two strings tuned down a semitone to A-flat and E -flat. This edition includes both a concert pitch score and a transposed score. In the transposed score all notes played on the 5th and 6th strings are written a semitone higher. Commissioned with a grant from the Ontario Arts Council, the work is recorded on the CD MANY MOODS OF THE GUITAR AcomaGXD5732.  22p AE1050  $12.98 

PISCATAWAY "On Looking Deeper into the Water" Pno 12'  Peter Ware
Free MP3 of Peter Ware's Piscataway for solo piano performed by Yvar Mikashoff excerpt
"Romantic, lyrical and impressionistic all at once, the pieces have a beautiful natural pianism" -Hamilton Spectator
Utilizing the extreme ranges of the piano in a virtuoso display, this piece is named after the Piscataway river in Virginia.  Colourful flourishes contrast with long-breathed melodies; and although metered, the rhythm is perceived as free, symbolic of the  river's rapid current and still eddies.  As numerous sustained trills and tremolos shimmer on, dynamic balance and endurance are essential.  15 p. AE284  $15.98

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