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Free MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's String Octet Kabah

KABAH: "An exotically evocative piece, describing the atmosphere and spirit of the place with eerie harmonics, long-held notes and often sparse harmonies conveying a sense of vast emptiness and antiquity." -The Washington Post 
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AISHIHIK      3-2-2-3, 4-2-3-1, Timp., Perc. (3), Pno, Str.  14'  Peter Ware
"The music wins you over with its marvellous stillness." -The Toronto Star
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Free MP3 of Aishihik
Aishihik score Adobe PDF 
A  single-movement concerto for piano and orchestra reflects the character of a glacier lake in the Yukon.  While the orchestration features the lower instruments, the piano is often frozen in the upper registers creating an icy coldness and sense of starkness and beauty.  49 p.            AE144  $49.98

BACA LOCATION # 1    1-1-1-1, 2-2-1-1, Timp., Str.    22'  Peter Ware
BACA Location #1: "His music stretches the ear into strange, exotic and pleasing territory that belongs as much to the contemporary work as to the ancient" -Kitchener-Waterloo Record. 
Inspired by the now extinct Jaymez volcano in New Mexico, this two-movement work opens Larghetto espressivo with an oratory in the bass instruments which leads to a striving, lyrical theme in the cellos.  This sets the mood for the music that follows,  culminating in a declamatory clarinet solo.  In the Allegro, an expansive winding theme overlays terse and staccato ostinati.  At times frenzied and at times spent, the music presses onward into a Prestissimo agitato with increasing weight to the concluding passage of grinding bass, shrilling violins, and the final gigantic chords.  81 p.          AE08X  $81.98

CANTATA " In Praise of Freedom"  3-2-2-2, 4-4-3-1, Timp., Perc. (3), Hp, Bar Str.  Robert Rollin
This sixteen-minute vocal piece combines the Baroque genre with a fresh contemporary language.  The text is drawn from four historical excerpts, including Aristotle's Politics, the Old Testament, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, and Martin Luther King Jr.'s  famous "I had a Dream" speech.  NE0399  Score  $47.98 

CHAMBER CONCERTO FOR GUITAR  (Classical Guitar with Wind Ensemble or Classical Guitar and Chamber Orchestra) Richard J. Smoot
"It's baroque brevity belies the richness of the music which has a cool oriental palette of Japanese scales and motifs giving the piece a broad vision that is often evocative. As a composer / guitarist, Smoot knows the subtle modulations that suit his instrument and there are hints of Villa-Lobos in some of the thematic treatments. The third movement, with its pounding march-like theme is a fitting conclusion to a compact and lively concerto." Tim Panting, -Classical Guitar Magazine
Listen to Smoot's Chamber Concerto in Windows Media Player This concerto is written in an accessible style and retains the traditional three-movement form.  It was commissioned by Ohio Northern University for the 5th Annual OPCICA Honours Festival.  Wind Ensemble: 1111-2220-Timp., 2 Perc., Solo Gtr, & Db.  AE39X Score & Parts $99.98  Chamber Orchestra: 1111-2000-Timp., 2 Perc., Solo Gtr, & Strings. AE977 Score & Parts $99.98

THE FIRE FROM WITHIN    3-3-2-2, 4-2-3-1, Timp., Perc. (3), Str.    13'  Peter Ware
Free MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's orchestra tone poem The Fire From Within
THE FIRE FROM WITHIN: "Plaudits are due Conta for his choice of the evening’s opening work, The Fire From Within by Peter Ware. This was an accessible and serious contemporary piece, based on an Indian Legend, that spoke in its slow and sonorous language of a mysterious and profound psychic experience" -The Leader-Post
Drawing from a Toltec legend similar to the Egyptian myth of the phoenix, a sorcerer may avoid death by lighting up his bands of awareness and becoming consumed by a fire from within.  This fire then liberates  him  from death. Opening with a Largo misterioso introduction featuring a trumpet solo, it progresses to an Allegro appassionata  where the interplay of instruments develops into a jazz-like theme when the xylophone enters.  Thematic and motivic statements are continually explored and transformed throughout.  A dramatic Andante leads to the  closing Larghetto con fuoco.  36 p.        AE667  $36.98

KABAH  (Rental fee:  $99.98) 
Violin (4), Viola (2), Cello. (2)    35'  Peter Ware
"Kabah, inspired by a Mayan ruin in Mexico's Yucatan peninsular, is a forceful and intense piece that yields little to the narrative style." -Tim Panting, Classical Guitar magazine
Free string octet MP3 of Peter Ware's Kabah 1st movment from the CD Impossible Dream
Free string octet MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's Kabah 2nd movement

Free string octet MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's Kabah 3rd movement
   Kabah Score Excerpt (489K)
Named after a Mayan ruin in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, this three-movement Octet is fashioned in a fast-slow-fast arrangement. The eloquent outer two movements are lively and rhythmically active with a compelling character, while the middle andante proceeds with a ceremonious beauty.    It offers a wonderful contrast to the Mendelssohn String Octet.  55 p.  Score AE918s $55.98,  Score & Parts  AE918  $157.98 

KUSAWA     3-3-3-2, 4-2-3-1, Timp., Perc. (3), Hp, Str.  12'  Peter Ware
Free MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's orchestra tone poem Kusawa 
Free MP3 of Peter Ware's orchestra tone poem Kusawa 
Kusawa free score

This tone poem of majesty and depth is evocative of a beautiful glacier lake in the Yukon located south of the Alaska highway between Whitehorse and Haines Junction .  It reflects the sparkling clarity and majestic quality of the lake in the constantly shifting orchestration, blending of timbres and colours,  and subtle melodic transformations.  As instruments layer in counterpoint, the quartal and chromatic harmonies emerge building into a polytonal palette.  23 p.  AE0321  $23.98

LATAKIA  1-1-1-1, 2-1-0-0, Timp., Perc. (1), Hp, Str. 11'  Peter Ware
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Written for the town of Latakia in Syria on the shores of the Mediterranean,  this single-movement work begins with a flute solo accompanied by tremolo strings and harp.  Trumpets and horns mark the Andante con mosso, where cellos emerge with a playful theme that is developed by strings and winds in a Vivace giocoso section.  A viola solo interrupts the motion with a transformation of melodic material from the Andante now in a mysterious character.  The Vivace returns more sombre and develops into a long singing theme in the winds.  A queer dance in triple meter is heard in the oboe; and as the xylophone enters, the emotional ardour accelerates into a Prestissimo leggiero.  The work concludes with a meditative Largo. 44 p.  AE87X  $44.98

SYMPHONY NO. 1 Ancient  Evenings    3-2-2-2, 4-2-3-1, Timp., Perc. (2), Str.    40'  Peter Ware
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"The orchestra reveled in the evocative and passionate passages of the musical epic." -The London Free Press.
Like Norman Mailer's novel, this piece opens in a burial crypt.  Sounds effuse from stone, slowly and magically, as if recapturing a distant past within that brief, equivocal moment flickering between life and death.  In the first movement, the soul attends its own funeral as transformations of Taps are played by solo trumpet and horn, delineating the three main sections.  The faster sections utilize contrapuntal  techniques including mixed canons, imitation and a fugato with solos dispersed throughout the orchestra.  The second and third movements  use abstract  linear writing,  rich harmonies and heroic themes to create the drama and excitement of the hero's journey  through the past.  155 p.  AE572  $155.98

TSANKAWI  2-2-2-2, 4-2-3-1, Timp., Perc. (3), Str. 7'  Peter Ware 
Free MP3 excerpt of Peter Ware's Orchestra composition Tsankawi 
Free MP3 of Peter Ware's Orchestra composition Tsankawi  
Click to view Score sample in Adobe Acrobat
TSANKAWI: "From the arresting opening of the bass drums thundering at either side of the stage, the music weaved a haunting spell." -The Leader Post. "TSANKAWI, Ware’s sweeping tonal picture of an Indian ruin atop a mesa in the Rocky Mountains." -Richmond News Leader.
Inspired by an Indian ruin situated at the top of a mesa located in the Rocky Mountains, Tsankawi is often described as a painting in sound.  It depicts this ancient landscape progressing slowly and deliberately, with an inner strength and refined sense of urgency.  The drama is set in the beginning as two powerful bass drum rolls sound from opposite sides of the stage.  Like a stirring of life, the upper strings and winds emerge from the low percussion and brass, creating an atmosphere of oriental serenity with an aura of expansive time and space.  11 p.  AE403

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