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Classes held: Ware  Academy of Music
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unit F104A
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LYNN HARTING-WARE    of a Masters of Music from Kent State University and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music. A specialist teacher of Music History and Theory, she has many years of experience in preparing young students for the RCM Examinations. Her enthusiastic classroom method incorporates visual and audio aids, including CDs and videos. She offers her students a CD lending library, featuring many of the composers covered in class.

Author of student textbooks, including Romantic Music (RCM History III), From Bingen to Beethoven (RCM History IV) and Rudiments of Music (Preliminary –Rudiments II), Mrs. Ware’s commitment to facilitating her student’s learning is unparalleled. Her classes encourage a sense of fun, discovery, and much student participation. Her teaching method is designed with young students in mind blending patience, affection and humour with high expectations. This blend of fun and enjoyment with the students, balanced with her demanding requirements, has produced outstanding results with many students achieving grades 90% -100%. In history classes, she teaches listening skills as well as essay writing skills, memory and retention skills, all essential preparations for RCM Exams.

A Composer, Concert and Recording Artist, her CDs are broadcast around the world. Guest artist at numerous universities including Queens University, University of Waterloo, Ohio Nothern University, Bowling Green State University and Virginia Commonwelth University, Shenandoah Conservatory of Music. Bachelor of Music, University of Cincinnati/College Conservatory of Music.  Her professional career serves to enhance her teaching. She has given her life to music and this genuine love is the vital force of her teaching.

Mrs. Ware has performed, premiered and commissioned many 20th century compositions. She is also an  arranger, editor and publisher of musical scores. Recordings on Acoma include The Many Moods of the Guitar GXD5732, Impossible Dream GXD5733, Forest Scenes GXD5734, Angelica GXD5735 and Americas GXD5736.
Free MP3 of Harting-Ware's Variation #3 from Variations on O Canada!
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PETER WARE received his early musical training in the church choir and under the piano tutelage of Florence Robertson in Beethoven's piano lineage. He received a Masters of Music degree from Yale University and a Bachelor of Music degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. His principal teachers include Krzysztof Penderecki, Scott Huston, Roman Haubenstock-Ramati and Toru Takemitsu. Wares teaching experience includes faculty appointments at Queen's University, Brock University, Northern Kentucky University and the University of Cincinnati. As a free-lance composer and music publisher, he offers students a vast practical knowledge and excitement for the intricate workings of music. An author of student theory textbooks, his classroom abounds with the magic of music and the clarity of his understanding.

Ware’s new textbook series, Harmony, Counterpoint, and Analysis of the Spheres, is designed to cover all the theory requirements of the Royal Conservatory of Music. This allows students easier flow through all their theory requirements at an early age. His teaching method incorporates a concise, step by step approach to learning music theory with emphasis on accuracy and careful practice. Mr. Ware’s clear, organized progression is oriented to younger students involved in RCM Examinations and has produced excellent and consistent test results, generating many First Class Honours in these advanced classes with students who are 12 and under.

A respected composer, Peter Ware has been honoured with grants and awards from Yale University, the University of Cincinnati, the Canada Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Ontario Arts Council. He has received commissions from the Virginia Symphony, Kitchener Waterloo Symphony, Saskatoon Symphony, Orchestra London Canada, Mississauga Symphony, Regina Symphony Orchestra and the North York Symphony. At Yale University, he studied composition with Krzysztof Penderecki and Toru Takemitsu, and theory with Allen Forte. Currently, he is composing a Guitar Concerto for the Guitar Society of Toronto with a Canada Council Grant.   For music and more information: http://peterware.com   Return To Classes for RCM Examinations

Ancient Evenings: "The orchestra reveled in the evocative and passionate passages of the musical epic."   -The London Free Press
Free MP3 file of Ware's Hibiscus on the Water for Piano
The Hibiscus on the Water by Peter Ware may be uses on RCM grade 10 piano exams as "own choice substitutions" for the "RCM grade 10 List E".  It may also be used for more advanced Grade 9 students for their "own choice substitution"  for "RCM grade 9 List D."  Information on "own choice substitutions" on RCM exams are on page 14 of the RCM Celebration Series Piano Syllabus. 
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Royal Conservatory Theory Requirements for Each Theory Grade

Theory Classes Must be taken in series.  Good knowledge of Rudiments is needed in Basic Harmony;  Rudiments and Basic Harmony are needed for Intermediate Harmony etc.


Basic Rudiments Theory Certificate Requirement:
RCM Basic Rudiments Class (Next Class)

Intermediate Rudiments Theory Certificate Requirement:
RCM Advanced Rudiments Class (Next Class)

Advanced Rudiments Theory Certificate Requirement:
RCM Advanced Rudiments Class (Next Class

Basic Theory Certificate Requirement:
RCM History 1 (previously History 3) (Next Class)
 RCM Basic Harmony Class (Next Class)

Intermediate Theory Certificate Requirement:
RCM History 2 (previously Grade 4 History Class) (Next Class)
RCM Intermediate Harmony (previously Harmony 4) (Next Class)

Advanced Theory Certificate Requirements
RCM History 3 (Next Class)
RCM Advanced Harmony (Next Class)
RCM Analysis Class (Next Class)

RCM Counterpoint Class (Next Class)

RCM Grades 5 Piano Theory Requirement: 
Basic Rudiments (previously Preliminary Rudiments ) (Next Class)

RCM Grades 6
Piano Theory Requirement: 
RCM Intermediate Rudiments Class (Next Class)

RCM Grades 7 & 8
Piano Theory Requirement: 
RCM Advanced Rudiments Class (Next Class)

 RCM Grade 9
Piano Theory Requirement:
RCM History 1 (previously History 3) (Next Class)
 RCM Intermediate Harmony Class (Next Class)

RCM Grade 10
Piano Theory Requirement: 
RCM History 2 (previously Grade 4 History Class) (Next Class)
RCM Intermediate Harmony (previously Harmony 4) (Next Class)

Piano Theory Requirement:
RCM Grade Counterpoint (Next Class)
RCM History 3 (Next Class)

and any two fo the following
RCM Advanced Harmony Class
(Next Class)
RCM Analysis (Next Class) 
RCM Counterpoint Class (Next Class)

Ware Academy of Music
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